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Players Rewards Card

We have Ireland’s most advanced casino Rewards Card program.

All controlled by a beautiful & easy to use video touch screen that has been installed on every slot machine in the casino.

Tap below to see more details of the many benefits of our Rewards Card along with an online application form.

Earn Points as You Play

With every spin you earn rewards points, you can then convert them points for FREEPLAY on the Touchscreen of your favorite slot.

Text Freeplay Vouchers

We regularly send out FREEPLAY vouchers via text message to our card members.

Card Atm & Cashless

You can privately & discreetly cashout your winnings by simply removing your rewards card & inserting it into one of our three Cashout Atms.

Exclusive Jackpot Levels

The top levels of the mystery jackpot can only be won by a rewards card player.

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